Sunday, 23 February 2014

NIVEA brings us the 1st rinse- off body coooollllll..(^_^)v

Salam and hi everyone,

Been busy lately so less time for "me" time too..

"me" time in my life definition is spend time by yourself with beauty regime such as doing body scrub,hair mask,apply lotion full body and hair serum..heheeee.."me" time exist when i'm not having my weekends oncall..*sigh..Of course for not having oncall is impossible in my work..:(

Last week i went to Watson Pharmacy for some shopping..Actually,my sis and I were obsessed with lotion..Whatever new advertisement of new lotion that captured our attention we will surely try it out!hahaaa..

Since NIVEA brings us the 1st rinse- off body lotion,we decided to try it out..We bought the normal skin version..Frankly speaking,we never love NIVEA since we don't really like the smell.But with this new rinse-off lotion i found the smell very soothing.Owhh my sis still don't like the smell(kinda ignore her since she's "cerewet" type..hahaaa)

Its been a week that i consistently using this rinse-off body lotion.Owhh i really have a compliance issue about using skin lotion.The only time that i used my lotion is when go to bed.But the only using at hand because I don't like the stickyness of lotion especially when we apply for whole body.

I fall in love with NIVEA rinse-off lotion that i don't have to wait for lotion to dry and even you don't have to experince the stickyness of a lotion.Also for a sensitive skin type  like mine, it doesn't cause me bacne(back acne) for a first trial.That makes me love it so much!<3

For a busy person like me,it works wonder on my skin.I totally recommended this lotion for busy yet lazy person like me..Hahaahahaa..

Can you imagine that you're having beauty regime treatment each bath cool..^_^

p/s-This rinse-off lotion makes me looking forward each bath time..yeayyy so exciting..:p

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