Monday, 23 May 2011

emergency getaway!!!!...(^_^)v

Assalammualaikum wbt..

How are you my dear friends?i'm hoping everyone are fit as fiddle and smile always..:)
It's been a while since i'm updating my entry..I really miss to write every single journey that i've been through my life..;p

Well,while writing this new entry i'm at my home(Taiping)..Please don't be shocked..heheee..i'm back at home because my mum was doing some kenduri for aqiqah and kesyukuran because she's going to perform umrah the end of this month..It's actually such an emergency called.Suddenly on 12/5 night my mum sms me and asking whether i want to go back or not on 21/5..I'm so shocked because suddenly she asking me such a pleasant question..heheee..i'm not supposed to go back to malaysia till the end of august.or maybe earlier is 2 week before eid time..My mum herself told me to focus on my thesis..but suddenly she offered me a golden i did'nt hesitate at all..

but for an emergency cases(going back in a week) i had faced many obstacle till i really hate to go back..hahaaa..till at 1 time i nearly give up to go back because of imigration problems..As a student in other country(Indonesia) i need to have an entry permit each time i wanna go back except back for good..usually i do a multiple entry permit(MERP) which last for a 6 month and i can go back as much as i like until it expired..but this time i didnt do any entry permit due to my promise to my mum that i wont go back till i'll only apply the permit on august..But due to this emergency,i need to do a single entry permit(ERP) which cost around 200K rupiah..supposed we need to do this ERP at least a week before..but unluckily i just know that i'm going back is a week before and Indonesia were having their public holidays on monday & the only day left to do the erp is only 2 days before my departure(friday!!)

The imigration process in Indonesia is really sucks!!you need to go to the imigration for 3 times just to get an ERP..1st time is to buy the form+fill in the form+submit the form, 2nd time is to pay only! and the 3rd time is to collect the ERP..damn tired to do this stupid procedure..Somemore the imigration office is very far from my campus..It cost you about 60K rupiah to go there by a cab..and i really pissed off on friday(13/5)..i already go to the imigration office but the officer there said it was closed!and the clock is just 2pm!!! after giving him "muka seposen" unluckily i totally forgot about the letter from UGM to make this ERP..argghhh..and none of my friends ever reminds me!grrrrr..

so i went back to International Office UGM to make the letter..the bapak there ask me to collect the letter on Monday..Luckily UGM was open on Monday..That bapak recommended me to ask another bapak whose can help in this matter..So i quickly agreed because i dont have any choices..another bapak ask me do you know that when in emergency time the payment for ERP is different?owhh i didnt know at all..then i asked how much was it?He said 400K rupiah..OMG!!!it's double from the original payment..and just add another 200K and i can get a MERP..seriously they really good taking advantage on other people misery!

Fine!i had to borrow some money from wawa,my junior..because i only bring an adequate amount to pay..luckily she had a money at that time..alhamdulillah settled for payment and that bapak said that he'll make sure on thursday everythings gonna settled..On thursday he sms me that i can pick my ERP..and really pissed off when he told me to pay for operational charge!what the hell..instead of 200K charge for ERP i had to pay 400K..and somemore he's asking about extra charge!one of my friend told me that if she not mistaken the emergency payment for ERP was only 300-350..can you imagine how much that he sad..:(

but alhamdulillah everything's settled..and i managed to get back on time..alhamdulillah ala kulli hal..that's all that i can write for today..heheee..

p/s=ok,next time i'll update about my journey back for the kenduri..using a business class MAS flight..heheeee..:p


  1. Syukur, at the end settle semuanya.

    Mencabar juga, masa berurusan dengan imigration tu.

  2. tu la..alhamdulillah ala kulli hal..mmg sgt menduga kesabaran jiwa dan raga kalo berurusan dgn imigrasi cnie..tu la kdg2 student msia kt cnie mls nk blk..huhuuu..


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