Thursday, 24 February 2011

alhamdulillah for everythings..:)

Assalammualaikum wbt..

Alhamdulillah bcoz Allah make my way easier..though there are obstacle in my way to get the data..finally today i manage to get the data..although i've been to hospital for 2 weeks!1 week stuck in admin office for permission..a few days didnt manage to see relief..felt like i want to scream as loud as i want..yeayyy!!!.

Thanx a lot to KPF hospital taiping & other staff..they're so kind & helpful to me..though they didnt know me..they help me..glad that taiping people were so kind..(^_^)
Thanx to Allah for everythings..i'm do grateful..despite of having a few difficulties in life(err yeke?) Allah help me so much..that's really a great gift for me..:')

p/s=now i'm thinking dat maybe my perception have changed..earlier i state in mind dat i won't do my PRP in hospital taiping..after a day at ward supply pharmacy, i think i fell in love wit hospital taiping for their staff kindness & hospitality..:)

in heart::(nevermind..prp only for 1 year maa..FRP years have to see where my heart will go)..;p


  1. hah..lpas ni keje kat stu lah..:p

  2. hmm xsure lgla..mybe 3rd choice la kut..sbb kalo dok dkt ngn mak asik de je yg nk gado..kalo jauh biar dia rndu..heheee..;p


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