Monday, 7 March 2011

final sem in jogja..

Assalammualaikum wbt..

Owhh it's been a while since i'm not updating my post..kangen sih..hehee..well,now i'm back at jogjakarta..againnn..after quite a long break..compared to other juniors..hehee..coz need to take data from hospital..(alasan je tuh..pdhl amik data xdela lama sgt pn..;p)

Semester 8??wowwww..time really flew fast's seems like only yesterday i've come to jogja..& today already gonna end's been halfway hiking up a mountain..yeahh it's a high mountain indeed..

I reached jogja on friday noon after such a tiring journey on dat morning..really2 tired..bcoz i've to wake up soo early with a lack of good sleep the nite before..huhh..wit a 4 bags (1 sling bag,1 trolley bag,1 handcarry luggage,1 lappy bag-->owhh cant tell how much my shoulder hurt..aiyaaaa..) need to rush on putra train from wangsa maju to KL sentral to catch up an ERL train to KLIA..luckily everythg manage to go well on time..i manage to check in earlier laa..usually i'm d last person..;p

Hmm really envy those who were sent to d airport by their parents or family or friends..same goes to people who were picked up by their special persons..really2 envy..juz cant describe d feeling of being have to go by urself whenever u're going back home or whenever u're flying..yeahh sometimes i juz wish dat i hav someone who will wait patiently for me in d airport whenever i'm back..and whenever i'm going off will be sent & they'll give me a hug & said "we gonna miss u & see u again".. :')

Juz a little dream of mine..hehee..anyway glad dat i'm being independent..less trouble for others..time owh time..please fly faster..i wish dat i finished my studies in jogja faster so i dont have d feeling to travel alone again..>.<

p/s=thinking of continuing master progrm..well,mybe after 4 years gov mum said-so,when u're getting married if keep stdying?me-lets see..lets Allah decide.. :)

1 comment:

  1. effa dear nnt msg dha eh bila effa blk m'sia..

    tak sabar nak menyambut kepulangan sahabat yang dirindui selalu! =)

    effa be strong brave to face every obstacles in completing your study...

    ala lagi 6 months je lagi kan?

    hmmm study rajin2 nnt dha balas hadiah graduasi effa dulu...

    pen graduation effa n nisa bagi dulo ada dha simpan elok2...dha nak tgu effa grad n balas balik hadiah effa...

    effa nak apa? u name it!hehe ;p


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