Thursday, 30 May 2013

irresistible lunch in Kuala Gula..:)

Salam and hi everyone,

Just wanna share some special place to hunt for food..heheee..

Recently i've been to Kuala Gula..only for food hunting..have you heard about this place?its famous for bird sanctuary..because most of bird species which migrating will stop eh?

Ok lets talk about the fooooooddddd to die for..

Here's in Kuala Gula they're famous for soft shell crab which you can eat all the crab unlike the usual crab..the price per crab quite reasonable..rm7 per can ask the restaurant to cook any kind of style you want..whether to cook it masak 3 rasa or sweet sour or just fry it,everything was sooo delicious..another dishes to die for is Kari Ikan Sembilang..ohmyyyy..the freshness of ikan sembilang melt in mouth..owhhh..~

I had my irresistible lunch with my friend,Huey Ping at Restoran Terapung JS Muara Kuala Gula..the scenery was very soothing..and the restaurant also floating (new experience!)..ok be prepared to have the floating sensation whenever the boat come nearby..the wave will make the restaurant terapung-apung..and you will feel like you're floating..LOL..

A lunch for 2 person charging us around rm38..which consist of 2 softshell crab cook in sweet sour,1 bowl of kari ikan sembilang,udang celup tepung and sayur campur..

this place is really amazing..soothing.. a favourite spot to hunt for food & to bring family and friends..heheee..
well,if you like fishing this gonna be the place too!..nearby the restaurant,got Kuala Gula Resort which from your chalet room can do fishing..:)

                                             courtesy picture from my friend,Huey Ping..

since i forgot to bring my handphone that day this the only picture Huey Ping took..well,hope this place going to inspire people to hunt for food..heheee...i hate to eat crab because of the hard shell but now i'm starting to love the crab!:)

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