Sunday, 25 September 2011

my favourite korean song recently-G.NA - 'Black & White' MV

Hi guys..just wanna share with all of you this sweet beautiful songs that i've been falling in love recently..enjoy this video as we're on sunday..(^_^)

p/s=both singers and her guys are soo cute and lovely..<3


  1. heehe. akak effa...apa mistake grmmar tqa tulis kt post blog tqa?...pls teach me..

  2. ok,akak akan betulkan sikit2 kt cnie..aduhh u take it too seriously la tiqa..but it's good effort..:)

    After a while, online facebook, i just click updates on twitter. There is are Wardina Safiyyah fans page,and suprise me. Amna Nafeesa have a blog, just only 9 years old student. She stories about her experience in a prefrect camp organized by her school. Want to know more about this little princess, clik on link here.


    after a while after online facebook,i clicked on twitter for updates.There is wardina safiyya fans page .and surprisingly amna nafeesa have a blog.she's just a 9 years old student.she told about her experiences at prefect camp organized by her school.

    p/s=sorrylah akak pn tak berapa pandai sangat english..tapi bolehlah cikit2..xpe2 sama2 kita belajar improving our english..:)


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