Sunday, 25 December 2011

happy ending weekends..:)

Assalammualaikum wbt,

Hi everyone.May Allah bless all of you.Ameenn..I'm alhamdulillah blissfully ending my weekends with smile..:)

How did your weekends end?just want to share with all of you how my happy ending weekends..heheee..please dont misunderstood this statement..not trying to show might be an idea to all of you next time..(^_^)v

My saturday was packed with 2 wedding invitation..1 from my cousin and 1 from mum school's teacher (her collegue) cousin wedding was held in her house at taman palma 4,kamunting..around 15 minutes from my home..while mum's friend was held in sungai dua,butterworth..we decided to go both kenduri as my mum said it's not proper if we're not going even it's in butterworth,penang..yalah,we HAVE to go if there's wedding invitation.if not it's consider sinful..only if you're had no choice but not to attending the invitation.At night our family had "yong tau foo" feast as usual..ngeeee..:p

My sunday hecticly full with many activities..fuuuhhh..2 wedding invitation also.1 is my cousin's husband house..that was called "majlis menyambut menantu"'s held at bukit jana,kamunting..another kenduri was invitation from my junior schoolmates..she's doing her wedding ceremony together with her there's 2 bride and 1 groom..:D owhh ya,today was the first time in my life that i seat together with the bride and groom with all the bride's family in majlis makan beradap..heheee..kesian kan?plus today there's so many people asking when's my turn because they know my age..hahaaa..i'm the same age with my cousin(bride)..;p
My sunday also give many mum cook laksa as to grant my sister wish..she's craving for laksa..then mum brought durian as to fulfill along's craving..and lastly our family when to kuala sepetang to fulfill me and along's wish to eat mee tasty and very satisfying when you eat the big2 fresh,sweet prawn..:p

Ok,that's my story for today..mother's love was never ending love..we love you ,mum..<3

p/s=sorry for updating in english.just want to practice my english since its so long since i wrote and speak..heheee..nect entry should be continuing the last entry about perubatan Islam..:)

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