Tuesday, 8 March 2011

eat,pray & love...


eat,pray & love..actually i juz ended dis movie wit naemah for tonite movie time..hehee..really2 touched by dis movie..it do resembles some part of me i guess..hmmm..

owhh...i've been such a jerk today..too sensitive lately bcoz there's some things do bother my mind..i hate those 'paper' wit notes..make me miserable & bcoming ungrateful..urgghhh..

i wish dat i can run as fast as i can to other place..spread my wings so dat i can fly higher to a place nobody can reach me..wit only me & Allah..:'(

p/s=dear Allah,please give me a strength to keep moving on..give me a strength to finish my halfway journey..>.<


  1. effa dear!
    u can do it dear~
    chaiyok2! one more sem to go...lagi 1 sem je effa.xsampai 6 bulan je lagi...

    ala dont bother about other unimportant things..just focus on ur study!ya my fren

    i lap u la!lap u dgn kain batik..hehe

    nnt u dah habis kita g buat PRP sama2 ya kat sg buloh dgn nisa skali..

    dha pon bln 7 n bln 8 cuti..blh kita meronggeng hehe..tp dha ingt nak keje...maila keje sama2..hehe

    all the best effa!all of us here are waiting for u to come back home to malaysia....

    we lap u la!

  2. thanx dha..u really nice & sweet bff of mine..lap u too lah..hehee..thanx coz alwiz support me..

    insyaAllah kalo dpt sg buloh bleh la stay skali..besnyee..:)

    mau2..sy pn mahu bekerja smtara..yela nk tggu keje xtaula krjaan pggl bln bape..nnt xde du8 lak nk jln2..heheeee...

    owhhh x sabo nk blk..& spend a day wit korg lg..(^_^)V


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