Thursday, 17 March 2011

my slow motion day..

Assalammualaikum wbt..
Alhamdulillah today I'm's not due to 'ganti puasa during ramadhan'..saje je puasa's quite long dat I haven't doing puasa sunat..huhuu..hopefully be able to fasting till dis evening..amiinn..while making dis entry I'm at UGM library..viewing some senior thesis to help me in making data collection form..actually the main purpose of coming to campus today was meeting my lecturer pak sugianto..but sadly he's not there in his I decide to stay in library killing my time while waiting for naemah to make process her data..

Today it's rather a hot day in jogja..since yesterday felt like burning here..the day before was icy cold..☺нёнё☺..luckily no snow in jogja..well guess dats all for now..little bit tired bcoz of low sugar consumption..I'm in process of intoxication from "poison"..keep ur heart well..‎​(◦'⌣'◦)

P/s=dis is d 1st time I'm updating my blog thru my bb..I'm kind of love it..isn't it cool?"̮ нɑнɑнɑ "̮..;p


  1. berpuasa sunat hari khamis dan selamat berbuka kak effa..all the best..for your studies..

  2. kak effa ..jom cik aish.huhu..n dah tag kak url die

  3. thanx tiqa..sidebar akk xpndai la..kalo contest mnulis ke akk ok la gak..heheee..


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