Saturday, 18 June 2011

my wishlist for 2011..

Assalammualaikum wbt..

How are you my dear friends?sorry the purpose of my entry today is not going to continue the previous entry which entitled "kisah si gadis kecil"..sorry i really didnt have mood to write the story..maybe some other time i'm gonna continue it ok?as if you guys care kan?:p

Hmm maybe it's not too late to make a wishlist right?though it's already passed a half year..heheee..another 6 month then we'll be in 2012..hmm time really fly faster right..and next year gonna turn 25..owhh my..i really didnt bother that much..hahaaaa..because most of the person i've met never had thought me as 1987 person..ahaks..really awet muda ke?:p

Actually i never had a wishlist for this year..maybe because of the series of unfortunate event that happens makes me wonder whether my wish really come's just a wish kan?doesnt mean that it's gonna be true..hmm enough of the crap..Well here's my wishlist for this year..whatever it takes gonna make it come true..but i understand that everything is under Allah guidance..:)

My wishlist for 2011:

1. Finish my thesis on August before Raya 2011!!!
2. Graduation day on November 2011..
3. Become pharmacist..;)

4. Having my 1st car!!!!!
5. Having Ipad or tablet pc..
6. Having Ipod Nano..
7. Travelling..
7. Having my own enterpreneurship..
and the list go on and on..secretlah yang lain..heheeee..:p

p/s=really crazy about getting my own car so that i can drive wherever i want to go..hmm its kind of rebels? just my own way of getting my mind out of box..errr yeke?..alasan je tuh..:p


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