Thursday, 12 January 2012

thank you for reminding me..:)

Assalammualaikum wbt,

Hi everyone.May Allah bless all of you always..Here's some wise words that i've got from 1 page from facebook..i recommended all of you especially for muslimah friends to like this page-The Ideal Muslimah..

"You might be married to the worst man ever,like Asiah was married to Pharaoh-but it didn't change her and her loyalty and love to Allah. You might be married to the best of men,like Prophet of God, and still not enter Heaven-like the wife of Nabi Luth A.S. You might not get married to any men, like Maryam A.S, and Allah can make your rank higher than any women on Earth. Strive in the way of Allah, don't worry about your marriage-that matter has already been decreed for you"

MasyaAllah..this words really make me touched..I admit that sometimes I'm might be thinking who's gonna be my spouse.but this words really-really make me feel ashamed for myself.Who am I to be compared with those great women in Islam?I should focus more on improving my ibadah which is very lack.Sometimes I get jealous over people who can practice their Islam very well..To have a routine of reading al-Mathurat also was hard nowadays..*sigh..

Recently I have a long chat through BBM(blackberry messenger) with one of my UiTM exroommates..she need some advices from me and I'm willingly to help my surprise she said I'm perfect as my attire,attitude was better than her..Oh Allah..I dont felt happy at all with her compliment.I think it was a reminder for me because I know I'm not perfect.too many things that i need to improve especially in my attitude..:(

But I'm grateful because whenever I felt my Iman was low there's a 'battery' to recharge it..MasyaAllah..:')

p/s=when nobody even cares about you,Allah there's for


  1. like so myself are not the best..but i want ti be the best..

  2. @awe-alhamdulillah..diberi peringatan dan berharap bermanfaat utk semua..:)

    @tiqa-alhamdulillah..marilah sama2 perbaiki diri..may we become the 'pearl' of Islam..:)


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